Retro Game Review: Axis Assassin

Trip Hawkins, President of Electronic Arts says he desires EA video games to be simple to find out, hot (filled with action) as well as deep (they grow with you). Axis Assassin certainly fulfills all these requirements. You, the famed Axis Assassin, can discharge forward or, by reversing direction, behind you, and also can relocate any one of four instructions.

Retro Game Review: Berserker Raids

Johann Karlsen entered the bridge of Nogara’s flagship, BLISS. “We can’t beat them. We need one more year, a minimum of, to have a practical squadron …

Retro Game Review: Battle for Normandy

SSI’s Fight for Normandy (BFN) continues the style as well as growth custom of Tigers in the Snow with additional improvements. Treatment the preliminary Normandy landing through the build-up prior to Procedure Cobra, the game takes 14 turns (June 6 via June 30) in two day increments. Consisted of are air as well as marine firepower capacities, climate and logistical considerations.

Retro Game Review: Aztec

Paul Stephenson, writer of the prominent “Braggart”, has once more identified himself with the release of AZTEC. Aztec combines real-time computer animation with quick gallery activity and the challenges of a good dream parlor game. The things of the video game is to recover a gold idolizer from the recesses of an old Aztec holy place.

Retro Game Review: Breakthrough The Ardennes

In mid-1944, Nazi Germany was on the brink of loss. Hitler needed something to gain an extra good placement in the tranquility settlements. That something was a counter-attack from the Ardennes with the goal of catching the port of Antwerp.

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