Classic Game Review: Escape From Arcturus

GET AWAY FROM ARCTURUS is played in two settings. In the “Area Citadel” mode you are surrounded on all sides by unusual assault bases which are shooting photon torpedoes at you. You can not damage these bases; you simply attempt to survive as long as feasible.

Classic Game Review: BLITZKRIEG 1982

BLITZKRIEG is a high-resolution arcade-type video game in which the player mans an anti-aircraft gun and attempts to destroy enemy bombing planes as well as boxers. The coverings follow a reasonable looking trajectory that is interesting the eye. It’s fun to enjoy a well aimed covering arch up right into the skies, intercept an adversary airplane as well as see the being successful surge and debris knock senseless other planes.

Classic Game Review: Genetic Drift

GENETIC DRIFT has an original otherwise practical theme. At the centre of the screen surrounded by drifting mutated life forms, your objective is to turn them into friendly life kinds. Considering that TV is such an integral part of our lives, the pleasant life forms are stood for by TV sets-shades of “My Favourite Martian” reruns.

Classic Game Review: Cartels and Cutthroats 1982

Cartels & Cutthroats presents to the computer player a well executed economic simulation. The premise of this game is that you (as well as your fellow players) own business which produce some product or asset. The exact item is not specified.

Zombies on Call of Duty Black Ops on PS3

The zombies from World up in arms return for Call of Responsibility Black Ops. Are you ready?

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