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Treasure Seekers – Follow the Ghosts Game Review

Prize Applicants: Follow the Ghosts is the third outing in the award-wining Treasure Hunters journey video game collection including the brother-and-sister adventuring group of Tom as well as Nelly. This time around, join them in a mythological journey and also assist them release some unfortunate ghosts that are being trapped by an evil sorcerer!

MLB 10 the Show – Review

MLB 10 The Program is an all new baseball simulator from Sony. The game is offered on the PS2, PS3, and also PSP. This is perhaps the very best baseball simulation game yet established, and it offers many improvements upon its precursors. Let’s take a close check out this intriguing brand-new video game from Sony.

Battlefield – Bad Company 2 – The Review

This is the sequel to Dice’s commonly popular Bad Firm Franchise business. The games supply a lot of action, witty remarks, Fantastic activity scenes, as well as lots of damage.

Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2 Review

Phone call of Task: Modern War is a great very first individual shooter and also I would advise it to every FPS follower. Especially to Call of Obligation collection followers!

Avatar – The Game Review – Is it As Good As the Movie?

James Cameron’s Avatar went beyond all expectations to end up being the highest possible grossing motion picture of perpetuity. It surpassed his own Titanic film which he made 10 years ago to take the leading spot. Similar to every other blockbuster film, a computer game tie-in is nearly obligatory.

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