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World of Warships [SOI] Many GEOs

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Video with much less talking here: youtu.be/R-pGisB_zA8
Comment from : BeatTheBush

Good vid, Good idea with leds. Overall great job!
Comment from : Ev0ltion

Endo Shikaya
MX RED first
Comment from : Endo Shikaya

Colzc blah
Good work.
Comment from : Colzc blah

Leon Browne
Thank you so much, this helped me get a clear understanding of all the cherry keys. Now I know which one I am going to buy, Brown.
Comment from : Leon Browne

Vlad Andrei Mircea
Comment from : Vlad Andrei Mircea

What about the silver mx switches?
Comment from : Shyx

got red for gaming and blue to wake everyone up when im making my papers. like seriously, my team mates sleep on me when doing the all nigher papers.
Comment from : MrBroxMan

Victor Barrera
Comment from : Victor Barrera

Aanand Joshi
MX Clears are underrated, they feel a LOT more tactile than browns and are very satisfying to type on
Comment from : Aanand Joshi

Dumbicus Maximus
Red means good brown means less good but also typey boi blue means full typey boi but can still be gamey boi
Comment from : Dumbicus Maximus

Independent Gamer Master Kushal
My favorite one is the red.
Comment from : Independent Gamer Master Kushal

zYouare bad
I have Mx Speed Switches
Comment from : zYouare bad

What about mx speed?
Comment from : iitbftw

Floyd Atema
Comment from : Floyd Atema

Liam achi
sorry i was in rage i don't know what happened to me
Comment from : Liam achi

Liam achi
we didn't fucking asked you u fucking idiot
Comment from : Liam achi

I have the Ornata Chroma with Mecha-Membrane switches, they're just as annoying as Mx blue but feel great
Comment from : TanakaBanana

frenk frenky
There is no way I don't sub you after watching this
Comment from : frenk frenky

Kai F
Pretty clear, thanks
Comment from : Kai F

alejandro b
I like the blue brown and red
Comment from : alejandro b

Vijay Kanta
MX Blues are the porn of keys
Comment from : Vijay Kanta

Cherry mx speed
Comment from : Nielsf2704

Burnt Tamale
Thanks now I understand
Comment from : Burnt Tamale

Byte String
Who else thought blues were cool at first later realized it was a fucked up decision
Comment from : Byte String

Rares Anghel
What’s the most silent mechanical switch? Please help me
Comment from : Rares Anghel

@Fatherland Child
Excelent review
Comment from : @Fatherland Child

La Push
The click Sound is the best from a keyboard
Comment from : La Push

I prefer blacks for maximum finger gains
Comment from : Syber-VHS

these mx key testers are 90 bucks in canada
Comment from : int_kirlez089

Big C
The man who taught me how to remove my contacts is now teaching me which keyboard to buy
Comment from : Big C

I really love clicky ones they are satisfying
Comment from : Foxx

3 minute Review
Got my blue (maybe) switches around $20👍👍 made a review too 👍 check it out 😁
Comment from : 3 minute Review

Thank you for making a very informative video. Ill go with brown to help with typing. To be honest, one of my favorite keyboards was the old Dell L100
Comment from : K V

Luukas Pietikainen
do you eat dogs
Comment from : Luukas Pietikainen

William Squilliam
This video was very helpful thank you
Comment from : William Squilliam

Forever Young
хули так посылки с алиэкспресс долго идут?
Comment from : Forever Young

Jenn Pazdzior
Thx this helped a lot I’m going with red
Comment from : Jenn Pazdzior

Itz Ananas
Comment from : Itz Ananas

The Creature from the Seventh Chamber
I find the browns to be the best in my opinion at least. I think the tactile feel is perfect and after trying the reds, I find that I accidentally press the buttons a lot when I'm resting my fingers on the keyboard during games. On the flip side, the browns give just a slight bit of resistance since they have that tactile bump and that prevents me from pressing them down as I rest my finger on the key. It also lets me know exactly when I'm actuating the key because I can feel the bump and feel when it both engages and releases. It's perfect for mobas in my opinion because of that. It's also light enough to where it doesn't fatigue my fingers at all which I why I haven't even tried the heavier switches yet. I don't think I really need that level of resistance. I would be interested in trying some other switches from different companies though. Their comparable switches to browns my specifically.
Comment from : The Creature from the Seventh Chamber

Ive been a PC gamer since I was a kid but never really looked into keyboards too deep. As long as it was nice and worked well, I was fine, and I've had the same one for years now. So I'm looking for a new one and had no idea what the cherry blue, red, etc, stuff was all about, or the differences between tactile and linear. I looked into it a little more and figured it out but don't want to spend money on some sample thing like you had. so this video is perfect. I know I didn't want a loud one because I did buy one a while back and didn't even know what mechanical was, so I sold it to my friend to $50. I don't want to waste more money on another keyboard and not like it, so this video definitely helped. Thanks
Comment from : CLYDE FROG

Matthew Li
tysm helped me a lot
Comment from : Matthew Li

My neighbour liked so much those blue ones that he threw brick on my window to hear better
Comment from : Ilmari

George Tree
Chinese birch
Comment from : George Tree

Jarosław Jarecki
all the way blue :-)
Comment from : Jarosław Jarecki

Ничего не понял, но очень интересно
Comment from : Destride

Stefano Pavone
I only - ONLY - use red switches... which does limit my choice of keyboard, to be honest.
Comment from : Stefano Pavone

I have blues right now but I just ordered a keyboard with silents so im excited
Comment from : SuttN

Vanlalchhanhima Vanchhawng
Red is obviously best for gaming . BUT it doesn't give the mechanical Kb impression to me, cause idk much difference with my cheap Red gear kb.
i like MX blue feel, but i wonder how it will effect my gaming and will the sound annoy me later in some situation? 😂
I might buy brown or buy blue and use my cheap kb to game when its too loud

Comment from : Vanlalchhanhima Vanchhawng

Melanie Veizaga
Awesome Video
Comment from : Melanie Veizaga

Not to be a fanboy here (particularly as they're not Cherry MX), but in my experience Razer Green switches are excellent and perfect for my needs.
Comment from : Vindsvelle

thanks, i have decided to get blues for my ducky one 2 mini, great video
Comment from : crUz

I accidentally disliked, so i thought it was my duty to like
Comment from : skirtis

Comment from : AMIDAMARU

This guy is hella smart thx for vid
Comment from : Franccus

Bex Clue
Cherry MX Red: best for gaming
Holy Panda: best for lots of typing/long writing session
Cherry MX Green: best for burst writing

Comment from : Bex Clue

Hi .. the green is only for razer ?
Comment from : Floki

niklas sedig
Why not visit a store to try different keyboards with different switches?
Comment from : niklas sedig

An Dre
I use quickfire tk keyboard
it got blue switches

Comment from : An Dre

1.3k fat people have disliked the video for the comment of 'reen clicky' switches
Comment from : Rozé

Jelte Swinnen
thx man!
Comment from : Jelte Swinnen

Xel H
Brown and Red... like my ass after eating chili Tacos
Comment from : Xel H

Sauce God
Thanks a lot I’ve been wanting a keyboard and mouse and didn’t really understand all the switches
Comment from : Sauce God

Himalaya chaudhary
Awesome explanation....Thanks a lot
Comment from : Himalaya chaudhary

"80g is good if you're someone with really fat fingers"


Comment from : Edouqrd

Green are the best, I learned to type on a mechanical typewriter so I got used to having to make long and hard key strokes. I switched to a buckling spring typewriter and then to a Model M keyboard, greens are the closest one can get.
Comment from : Shrek

Game King
Blue gang?
Comment from : Game King

blues are great for gaming too
Comment from : Andy47357

simple answer: none of them. gateron has smoother and better feeling switches and razer has faster switches. cherry is outdated.
Comment from : OfficialWeeaboo

Mason Ling-Hai
I'm using cherry mx speed switches
Comment from : Mason Ling-Hai

Also dont restrict yourself to just cherry switches gaterons and kailhs are both amazing
Comment from : Paradox

Addin Thatt
finally ...best vid ... thank you... nice job
Comment from : Addin Thatt

Anny Paladium
I bought blue switch keyboard. Love these clicks 😍
Comment from : Anny Paladium

Trevor Philips
I like loud keyboard am i normal??
Comment from : Trevor Philips

I use red, red for everything. Except mac
Comment from : TheAfricanPrince

lol did he say for those with fat fingers hahaha
Comment from : marti6n

The Garden of Eatin
Of all the ways one could arrange those six key switches for demonstration, WASD chose the most random. Thy didn't group them by weight or by type.
Comment from : The Garden of Eatin

Jim Bob
Tangerines are the best
Comment from : Jim Bob

Key: Exists
BeatTheBush: Which is something i dont like

Comment from : Imagine

Blues are the best cos they the most satisfying to press
Comment from : Graykat

I'm using cherry mx blues (chinese rippofs most likely) and they are actually louder than actual ones
if you wanna see my keyboard it is a
e element z-88 super scholar

Comment from : Shxdow

Where is cherry mx pink
Comment from : LeviCheeze

Umar S.
Thanks man
Comment from : Umar S.

Comment from : SoulsGamesBR

Magz Gaming
yo my boi you talk way to fucking much on jah
Comment from : Magz Gaming

Ter R.
omg thank you so much for this video T-T
Comment from : Ter R.

I like Blues and Browns
Comment from : Zepex

Robert H
well I understand the differences now, so that was helpful.
Comment from : Robert H

Furkan Dalkir
2:34 literally best example i ever see
Comment from : Furkan Dalkir

Simon Feldthaus
I have mx red😐
Comment from : Simon Feldthaus

Litfamnoob pro
Blue plus o rings = wonderful
Comment from : Litfamnoob pro


Thank you.

Comment from : SnakePlizkin

Grooty Tam
No ones gonna comment that he used a makeup lipstick tester stick at the beginning😂?
Comment from : Grooty Tam

Razer Green anyone?

Comment from : TTVekim

Zx Lc1
Actual video title: *cherry mx key switches asmr
Comment from : Zx Lc1

Blaster Games
Comment from : Blaster Games

Elkan Lee
Comment from : Elkan Lee

Hey, i always game at night and midnight, i have my lil bro on my room, which one is the best for me? cos i like the green or blue one. That clicky noise is so nice
Comment from : Gabriel

Comment from : Rob

Gurdeep Singh
Thx for posting. This is a very good video. Well narrated, clear and to the point
Comment from : Gurdeep Singh

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